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An Award-Winning PATENTED Air Flow System That Equalizes Air Pressure Throughout The House: Energy Bills Are Reduced, Indoor Air Quality Is Improved, Personal Comfort Is Increased

NexDoor’s Interior Door Benefits

  • Proven to equalize air pressure
  • Energy-efficient builders do not have to use expensive jump ducts or pass-through grills so there is a cost and equipment savings
  • Door is more aesthetic than a standard hollow core door and “feels” like an upgrade
  • Constructed with “recycled” MDF which is a meaningful benefit to many consumers
  • For new home construction especially, the smart coating on the door’s interior panels abates harmful VOCs including formaldehyde from indoor air.
  • NexDoor™ products are designed to help meet item 6.2 of the ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes program, v3/v3.1, Rev. 08, Rater Field Checklist.

NexDoor™ Interior Door Eliminates:

How It Works

NexDoor’s patented system allows air flow to circulate through the door reduce air pressure buildup in rooms when the interior doors are closed.Not only is the air pressure buildup alleviated, maintaining adequate ventilation can help to control concentrations of existing VOCs within a home, thereby improving indoor air quality.

Innovative Doors. Many Design Options.

Our innovative doors are built in environmentally-friendly, high-quality MDF. They come standard in the following door styles, which are 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″, and up to 8′, sold unfinished. The doors carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty, details of which can be provided to customer. If a different specification is desired, Executive Door, making quality interior and exterior doors since 1985, has an exceptional range of expertise and production capabilities for custom quotations.


One Panel


One Panel W. Arch


Two Panel


Two Panel W. Arch


Three Panel

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An Oppportunity To Be On The Cutting Edge Of Technology

In new and existing homes, products like NexDoor™ give homeowners a return on their health and comfort.

NexDoor™ lowered the room pressures by 50-66%!

“As a certified energy audit professional, I have witnessed the majority of homes I tested have elevated room pressures. High room pressures create a whole host of issues from inefficiency, lack of comfort to indoor Air Quality. Because it Is so important to allow air movement between the rooms, we would install jump ducts or pass through grilles to help alleviate this situation. One of my clients was experiencing a room pressure problem, and we looked at an entirely new solution—a patented, self-ventilating door called NexDoor™. We installed the doors in the home, and the “before & after” numbers were terrific: NexDoor™ lowered the room pressures by 50-66%!  As a result, I can recommend using NexDoor™ interior doors.”

Jonathan Waterworth, AZ Energy Efficient Home

“My vision is to set a new standard for healthy and comfortable living.”
Jerry Crittenden Founder/Inventor

Building Inspiring Products

A Culture Of Quality

Our craftsmen come from a tradition of custom millwork-applying the highest level of workmanship to high-grade materials. Through the years, we’ve added state-of-the-art technology, like our CAD-based CNC router carving system. Being at the cutting edge of technology, lets us deliver innovation and precision at a reasonable price.